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The Poisson distribution models the probability that a given number of…

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Classifying your daily productivity


Your dog’s nap time as a regularized linear model

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  1. Is very expressive and captures the real patterns in the data.
  2. Generates predictions that are not too far off from the actual values,


Markov defined a way to represent real-world stochastic systems and processes that encode dependencies and reach a steady-state over time.

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Markov chain: a random chain of dependencies

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The long-game mindset is a decision-making approach that focuses on the long-term outcomes and impact of your decisions.

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  • Structure of a…

  • Fiction,
  • Science,
  • Entrepreneurship & history behind high-performers,
  • Personal development & curiosity.


Hands-on Tutorials

Why you want to run simulations

  • Simulate processes that are time consuming, i.e…


  • Understand the spread of the data.
  • Spot outliers.
  • Compare distributions, and how small tweaks in the boxplot visualization make it easier spot differences between distributions.

Understanding the spread of the data

Boxplots don’t…

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