Embrace Every Failure as Part of Your Journey

And turn it into learning opportunities

I remember that one thing that haunted me the most was the fact that everyone else that passed on the first call would start school sooner. I’d be the kid that passed only on the second round.

What haunted me the most, was being the kid that had to take extra classes to catch-up with all the courses of the first semester. I’m so glad the University put the extra time and effort to helping us out.

Failure is like an iceberg. The visible part of the experience may be brutally painful, stressful and discouraging. You have to go underneath the surface and look for the transformational learning opportunities.

The whole time I was so focused on the surface with all its visible consequences, like having to retake the exam. I was dismissing the learnings hidden deep down in that stressful experience.

Where I failed was to learn from this experience. I wasted a great opportunity to be better and see things differently.

I believe there’s always something to learn from any kind of failure. Be it a inconsequential or a painful and destructive one. Sounds very poetic but, it’s only when the dust settles that you can see what’s left. And sometimes that is more relevant and enlightening than the act of failing itself.

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Failure is a brutal reality check

I’m in the course of writing my first book. In itself, this can also turn out to be a massive failure, but thus far has been a rewarding learning experience. This has made me realize that in the same way we’ve been trained to fear and avoid failure, we can also train ourselves to embrace it. Or at least measure its consequences and gradually learn how to deal with it.

You can use every moment as a failure playground and make the most out of it.

The world of professional sports has long discovered a way to create failure playgrounds. Athletes and coaches spend countless hours reviewing their plays. They understand that a thorough analysis can unveil patterns that are not seem on the surface. Most importantly, they use continual practice and analysis as learning moments.

Both the awful and the exceptional moments are powerful learning opportunities.

The awful ones remind you about what to focus on, and are opportunities to course-correct. The exceptional ones remind you about the arduous, but gratifying, path to becoming better. They open your eyes to what’s ahead.

I write about Data Science, Data Visualization, books and learning more effectively 📚🌱💡🚀

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