Where the Strong Women Are …


Now — more than ever — we have to acknowledge that women, especially strong women, are everywhere. Anywhere you look; any country, city, economic background they are there. We are here.

Growing up, I was so busy being a kid — climbing trees, running around chasing my imaginary friends or pretending to be a rock star— that I didn’t really notice I was surrounded by strong women. Looking back, I started noticing the little things; their drive, tirelessness, independence, never ending love and care, authority (at times) or just their cheer presence and the energy they put into things — specially when it came to family.

Whenever I think about strong women, three colossal people come to mind: my mum, my grandma on my dad’s side and her sister — who has been like a third grandma to me. Three main pillars, three literal forces of nature that could carry the world in their shoulders if necessary.

In their own particular way, they’ve shown me throughout the years the value of honesty, mental strength and perseverance — going the extra mile for what you believe in, even if you’re tired; the power of being independent and the owner of your destiny, as well as, a tremendous care for anyone that’s around — no one is left behind.

Their dedication to what they love and believe in has always been paramount. And you can see it in their actions.

Your environment shapes who you are

Unconsciously, I mimicked some of their attitudes, either because they were funny like a particular way of doing or saying things, or just because I thought it was cool. As I introspect and analyze how I approach challenges, consolidate who I am and who I want to be, their strength and resilience inevitably comes to mind.

If there’s something I learned from them is to wake up everyday with a mission!

More and more I see their reflection on little things! And if there’s something that I learned from them and took on as a personal motto is to wake up every morning with a mission! It keeps your body and mind active, and sets you in the infinite loop of having something to look forward to.

As a young girl — as any young girl should allow herself to — I aspired to be the superhero. Virtually all superheroes were men and, even though I thought they were cool, I couldn’t really picture myself in their shoes. Because I loved music so much, female artists became my superheroes. They were fierce, talented and audacious enough to jump on stage and play their guitar — yes, guitar was my thing, so they had to play guitar too.

Little did I know that I had my true super heroes at arms reach. Sometimes your role models are right in front of you and you can’t see them.

Look around you, can you recognize the superheroes in your life?

Thinking back to the three pivotal women in my family, some things were naturally ingrained in me. But only now I realize how strong they are, and reflecting on their experiences makes me more confident and proud to follow their lead, acknowledging them and perpetuating that positive attitude.

It has also made me reflect on the power of our inner strength, how it can change your life and how much you can benefit from allowing yourself to cultivate that mindset.

Throughout history we’ve seen countless examples of women that held the stepped up when it was most needed — like the factory workers during WWII — held the reins of nations like Margaret Thatcher and thrived against all odds like Marie Curie or J.K. Rowling; all the women around the world that take the reins of their families and their communities. All of them leading by example and leaving a powerful legacy.

So, if you come across women you consider strong, determined and from whom you see yourself continually learning from, don’t hesitate; either introduce yourself or consciously nurture that relationship. Obviously, this is easier said than done — especially for someone shy like me — but it’s definitely powerful advice. Whenever there’s that little voice saying oh no, you shouldn’t … those people are unreachable … ignore it! Introduce yourself, discuss ideas or simply tell them I think you’re cool.

It’s this flywheel of strength and positive attitude that makes life wonderful

Tell that to your mum, to you grandma, to your friends and co-workers. I’m specially bad having the courage to directly say Hey, you rock! I’m so glad I have you in my life — I usually express it indirectly in the day-to-day situations, more in terms of acts rather than straight out words.

Yet that’s such a powerful exercise, and I’m sure the person on the other end will appreciate it!

I’m extremely grateful to have grown up surrounded by strong women. They’ve taught me a lot and helped shape the way I am today. They’re a constant source of inspiration.

I’m also confident that we as a society will continue to shift the discourse and debunk any existing preconceptions, myths and psychological barriers towards being stronger, independent, resilient and thus, happier — both for men and women.

It’s a communal effort that in the end builds a healthier society.

Thanks for reading!

I write about Data Science, Data Visualization, books and learning more effectively 📚🌱💡🚀

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